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Steps to choosing your best US university



How to choose a university in the US.



Choosing a university may be a challenge to students since they are numerous. Don’t worry there are factors listed below that can help you choose the desired university in the US. Four factors to consider are listed below.

  • Price.

Students or parents who are the ones who pay the fees must consider costs such as tuition cost and additional costs of living either within the university premises or outside which could be costlier. Among other things, AlHaddad says that international students have to consider the currency conversion as some countries where some of these students come from may result to situations where the currency is weaker than the dollar.

  • Career goals.

Prospective students must first ensure the universities they are choosing offers a program in the field they want to study such as medicine. Mandee Heller Adler says, “Most U.S. institutions don’t have every major and every program”. Students are therefore advised to consider Mandee’s quote. A director at collegewise, Gallego Rude says that students must thin where they want to live and work after graduation. On the other hand, prospective international students and families often have questions about how a degree from a particular school will be viewed abroad and experts answers this question in the following format;

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“If students are returning to their home country, it can be true that employment then hinges more on the name of the university”, says Rude. Rude further notes that talking with school’s recent international graduates who have found employment in their home country can be a helpful way to gauge this. Colleges can sometimes make alumni introductions.

  • Supportive services.

Students may also want to consider available support options before making a final decision. In addition to career services, some U.S. colleges offer other types of resources to help international students adjust to anew country and a new school, such as tutoring centers. A college’s international student services office may provide information about available programs and services. It is also said that support can also come from peers, so prospective students should consider the size and make up of a school’s international student body.

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Adler says, “For the most part, I feel like my international students are most happy when there is a community of international students that they can rely on and make friends with and feel better with”

  • Location.



Rude says students should also consider the logistics of travel from their home country to a particular college campus. Sometimes students are more comfortable knowing is available incase of emergencies or if the students need to come home during their semester breaks. Zhen, a Wheaton student says one of the most important aspects of a school’s location for her parents too was safety. She goes ahead to say that after she narrowed down her options down to three schools, she did some online research on crime rate in each of the places she had narrowed down. So, it is important to consider the locations looking at several factors like crime rate, distance and even cost of travel.





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