What colleges are best for journalism?


Top colleges for an online degree.



Paperwork is gradually fading and as a result, online degrees learning has emerged. It is obvious that most students will be looking forward to looking for the best colleges offering online degrees. Top colleges offering online degree are discussed below starting from the tenth best to the best.

National University

It has programs like BA in digital journalism or BS in construction management that most colleges do not offer online. An advantage to students is that the university has Agreements in place with most community colleges in the state of Colorado, transfer of students will find it relatively simple to get credit for classes they have taken previously.

Thomas Edison State University.

This University has an average cost per credit at 215 dollars with a score of 82.12. For forty years it has been offering education to busy adults. By offering extremely affordable programs, the school is able to reach as many students as possible. It also provides a list of diverse programs like Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Science and Technology. The BSAST is available in seven unique tracks including Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology and more general technical studies.

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Pennsylvania State University-World Campus.

It is at Pennsylvania where professors incorporate video conferences, online chats, and graded discussions into their coursework so that the students can interact. For students that may feel that that is still not enough, they may join student clubs and academic societies, even as an online learner! The University further provides a carefully curated set of FAQs to help alleviate any doubts students may have about the distance learning.

Western Governors University.

For a couple of years this University has earned good reputation especially for experienced adults and hard workers. It awards students who take their work seriously. In contrast to other Universities, it is one of the Universities that bases its degrees on real world competencies instead of credit hours awarding progress for actual knowledge rather than the time spent in a classroom.

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University of Maryland.

It has an average cost per credit of 389 dollars and a score of 88.6. It does not necessarily rely on traditional exam to test students but instead students will likely complete a paper or a project in most classes as you earn your accredited cheap online degree. It offers hybrid options; this hybrid options could be particularly good fit for active military as many of UMUC’s satellite locations are located on military bases.

Franklin University.

With its average cost per credit at 484 dollars, Franklin University offers programs that will meet students needs ranging from nursing to management to public relations. This University offers undergraduate degrees in many fields.

Mary Baldwin University.

In this University, not only students can transfer in up to 90 semester hours but can also get credit for professional experience by filing out a prior learning portfolio or taking a CLEP test. And if you’re a student who is concerned about costs, then you will have to appreciate the dedicated scholarships available to both adults and online learners.

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Excelsior College.

This school offers more than 30 affordable online degrees. It offers an impressive range of Public service degrees, from BS in National Security to one in military leadership. It has an average cost of 490 dollars per credit and an interesting score of 91.17.

Granite State College.

This University employs instructors who knows how to deliver top-notch content from a distance. The school offers both hybrid and blended class options that enable students balance their online courses with visits to the school’s concord. Some classes even incorporate field-based learning, blending virtual sessions with hands- on lessons and face-to-face activities.

Bellevue University.

Finally, the best online degree university! Flexibility! That’s the name of the game at Bellevue. It is because of this that students are able to tweak any of the online programs so as to meet their individual needs and learning styles. It is at Bellevue where supplementary videos are provided to augment student’s learning. It has nearly 40 online Bachelor’s degrees.


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