What colleges are best for journalism?

The Top 10 Journalism college Schools of 2019

Top 10 most affordable journalism colleges


With the increasing demand for journalism courses, there is need to look for the most affordable colleges offering it. Top ten most affordable colleges offering journalism are discussed below:

At the tenth place, there is Arizona State University. It offers online BA in mass communication and media studies. It consists of 41 total 7.5 classes a week. Its advantage is that you can study at one of the nation’s premier journalism schools, directly from Cronkite School’s on campus without necessarily leaving your home.

University of Maryland University follows closely. UMUC offers its courses in 8-week sessions for undergraduates. Specific courses offered include: Introduction to news writing, mass media law, and effective listening.

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University of Wisconsin-Superior comes at number eight. Here, one journalistic degree option available is BA/BS in communication arts that concentrates in communication. Another option available is BA in writing online.

At number seven, there is University of Arkansas at Little Rock that offers prospective journalists a BA in applied communications online at 280 dollars per credit hour that constitutes of 120 credit hours. Students can also complete this course quickly in the format of 8-week courses.

Sixth placed Arkansas State University offers prospective journalists both BA in communication studies or BS in social media management. Both will require 120 credits to graduate with each credit hour costing 230 dollars.

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At number five there is University of Florida that offers students BS in telecommunication; media and society isn’t geared towards students aspiring to career focused on point or broadcast journalism.

Fourth placed Montana State University Billings features a BA in communications that offers options in either organizational or mass communication. Tuition per credit hour will cost you 373.74 dollars in 2018 excluding additional fees.

The third most affordable college is University of Texas of the Permian Basin. In this college, every course is 100 percent offered online for 120-credit BA in communications. A student is expected to pay less than 300 dollars per credit hour for tuition.

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Last but not least, Indiana University comes second. It offers BA and BS in communication studies and students are required to come with at least 60 semester hours of transferable credit and must have a GPA OF 2.0 or more. Completion programs consists of 60 total credits and minimum of 36 credit hours.


Finally, the most affordable college is the Bellevue University (1996) that offers BA, BS and BAS in communication. BA requires 127 credits, BS requires 120 credits while BAS requires only 124 credits though it’s similar to BA.


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