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Jeremy Clarkson marked ‘squandered lifeline’ on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? after epic fail



Jeremy Clarkson has experienced harsh criticism for failing to accurately respond to an inquiry on last nights Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? despite knowing the appropriate answer.




The former Top Gear moderator was brought in to assist the scene’s first contestant Sarah who stalled out on the question: ‘which year did Concorde make its last business flight?’

In the wake of opting on the lifeline Ask The Host, Jeremy revealed to Sarah that he had in fact been a passenger onboard the supersonic carrier’s last flight.

‘I’m going to say 1998 but you’re relying on my math which are notoriously awful,’ he said.

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Feeling that Jezza wasn’t right, Sarah proceeded to utilize the 50:50 lifeline which wiped out his answer and drove her to accurately figure 2003.



Sarah on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

naturally, audience weren’t best satisfied to hear Jeremy’s inaccurate date and rushed to grumble on Twitter, with one writing: ‘How could there be any more of a perfect person to ask than someone who was actually on the last ever Concorde flight…but nope. Jeremy had no idea when he took that historic flight.’

Echoing a similar sentiment, another raged: ‘Is Jeremy Clarkson serious on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? He was on the ACTUAL flight and said 1998 and it was wrong! ‘Answer was 2003! How can you not remember something so historic and being on the actual flight?’




The Concorde, which voyaged twice as quick as the speed of sound, was hauled out of service 16 years ago, with its last flight occurring on 24 October, 2003.


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Air France and British Airways blamed low traveler numbers and rising maintenance costs for ending the extravagance vessel’s utilization.

Among Jeremy and Piers Morgan, on the last flight included model Jodie Kidd, Joan Collins, politician Tony Benn, and Bernie Ecclestone.



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